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Lakes at Moneague, Jamaica

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The lakes at Moneague, which were a familiar feature to many earlier generations, have appeared once more, in this new century, in 2005-6. I hope that this brief survey of their earlier history may be of some interest.

View of the Moneague Lakes
Daily Gleaner March 19, 1934


JIS News release
February 11, 2006.
Moneague, St. Ann.
The St. Ann Health Department is warning members of the public not to participate in activities such as boating, fishing and vending in the Moneague 'lake' area of the parish, which has been affected by rising waters. "The Moneague lake is highly contaminated, as several pit latrines have been submerged, pig pens and poultry houses have been washed out and treated effluent from two sewerage plants is being emptied into sections of the lake," Granville McKenzie, chief public health inspector at the St. Ann Health Department, has pointed out. ­


The "Joy and Sorrow" Lakes of Moneague.


Twice during the 20th century lakes appeared at Moneague in St. Ann of such considerable size that they could be used as major recreational facilities.  On these two occasions, in 1917 and 1934, there were many accounts in the Daily Gleaner of boating and other entertainment activities at Moneague, and also discussion of the history and origins of the lakes.  As well as these positive reports, there were also accounts of more negative aspects such as destruction of property, the loss of livelihood and loss of life resulting from the rising waters which were caused, it seemed, by the heavy rains, storms and hurricanes of the preceding years.

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