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Lakes at Moneague, Jamaica

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a cartoon



The lakes at Moneague even appeared in a Gleaner cartoon in 1934, about some now long-forgotten municipal issue; six members of the K.S.A.C.* (three Black, one Brown, two White?) are shown urging the unfortunate Mayor, Sir George Seymour Seymour, to jump into the 'Colleague Lakes' where the 'Water Board' is bobbing on the surface. The Mayor is secured by a rope around his neck (he is wearing a very fashionable swim suit!) and his colleagues are shouting 'Jump Off Georgie! If yo born fe heng, yo can’t drown; if yo born fe drown, yo can’t heng!!'

Daily Gleaner June 9, 1934

* Kingston and St Andrew Corporation


. . . the "Joy and Sorrow" lakes

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