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'Teacher' Walcott

...was forever linked with the development of the West Branch School in connection with All Saints Church.


Thomas Burchell Stephenson, son of a Baptist Deacon, was born in 1845. He was always deeply involved with the Baptist Church, first in Savanna-la-Mar and later, from 1887, at the East Queen Street Baptist Church in Kingston; there he was treasurer and choir-master.

For 46 years he was principal of elementary schools, at first in St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland, and then, famously, at the Calabar College Model School.

He was a founder and three-time President of the Jamaica Union of Teachers; he was a member of the Board of Education for four years; for the last four years of his life he was a member of the Kingston City Council and of the Wolmer's Board of Trustees. He died on July 1, 1913.