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The sites near the top of the list are the most complete; as you go further down, the sites become more and more unfinished!
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Take a look at my most recent sites:

Jamaican History Month 2007

Earthquake Kingston 1907

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Jean Houzeau in Jamaica

This was the first site I published. It deals with a Belgian astronomer who made Jamaica his home from 1868-76.

First Flight ... Jamaica 1911

Another early site, dealing with the first flights in Jamaica. I need to add new material to this site.

Father Raphael

This is another early site, now renovated and moved to a new address. I would really like to find out more about Father Raphael; what happened to him after his visit to his home in Jamaica? Was he really an Orthodox priest?

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The Jamaica/British Museum Connection

Sir Hans Sloane and Sir Edward Maunde Thompson are interesting men who form a significant link between Jamaica and the British Museum.
NB - this site will really only work properly on Internet Explorer

Jamaica's Classical Musicians

I started this site 3 years ago when I realised that I could not find a site which brought together information on Jamaica's remarkable classical musicians.

Jamaican History February 2004

This site was set up for Black history month in 2004, but it deals with individual Jamaicans of various ethnicities who should be better known. The site for February 2005 did not get off the ground, but there is a link to what did get done.

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Jamaica's Hurricane History

I started the hurricane site during and after Ivan in 2004. This site will continue to grow as I do more research backwards in time, and as we move forward into future hurricane seasons, some as extraordinary as that of 2005.

A site which provides an insight into the incredible merry-go-round craze of the 1890s

Christmas 2006

The site I started for Christmas 2004 has kept on growing as I have added more descriptions of 'Christmas Past' in Jamaica. The site has now become Christmas 2006 at its new location!
I hope you enjoy the updated and upgraded site!

Belisario's People

There is still much work to be done on this site - maybe Christmas will provide inspiration to get it finished! All the famous pictures are on the site and some commentary.
This site works best on IE.

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Sylvester Leon -actor and dialect performer

A site about a fascinating Jamaican, who may well have been the first to perform in Jamaican dialect on stage and radio in England. The site is more or less complete, except for one section still missing.

Jamaica Cycling 1 - to 1900

A recent start; some pages completed, others still being worked on.

before Caymanas - Jamaica's old-time race tracks

Another recent start which seems likely to keep growing indefinitely!

back to top generations - early Black Anglican clergy in Jamaica

Only two pages completed so far - much more to come.

My Jamaican History Articles 1981-2001

I will continue to add articles to the five already on this site as I have them ready.

Lakes at Moneague

With the waters rising once again at Moneague, I need to get this site fully up and running!

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Robert Robinson

- born in Jamaica in 1906; lived in the Soviet Union from 1930 to 1974. An amazing story!

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Fact file on Dr J Robert Love

It took me 13 years to complete my thesis on Robert Love; I trust it will not take that long to complete this site.

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links to more Jamaican history

*'jing-bang' is a phrase that must have come from Scotland where it refers to a whole lot or group of whatever - as in 'the whole jing-bang'; in Jamaica it means 'riff-raff, rabble or old bits and pieces of rubbish', and here I am using it, tongue-in-cheek, for all the varied bits and pieces I have accumulated over my years of research. You will have to decide what is rubbish and what is not! Other terms with similar intent would be 'banggarang', 'carochies', 'parangles' etc., etc.


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