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Lakes at Moneague, Jamaica

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Jamaica Almanac

1841  "Jamaica Almanac" -- William Rob "Statistical and Topographical Sketch of the Parish of St Ann, in the County of Middlesex."


"There is a lagoon on the Moneague (Monesca Savanna) and River-Head domains, which in very heavy weather sometimes overflows the adjacent vallies to the extent of several hundred acres.  The Rio-Ho is here subterraneous and very elevated above the level of the sea.  The caverns through which in moderate seasons its stream obtains a sufficient passage, becoming filled, the waters overspread the surface, and frequently remain years before they subside.  On the stream resuming its customary channel, trees and other vegetation, which the inundations had covered, are found decomposed into a bog earth.  It is only under droughts of some continuance that the lagoons becomes [sic] entirely dry."

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